About Us

DEVCARE LIMITED is a partner-led business firm based in Dhaka and registered by the Government of Bangladesh under its Companies Act 1994. The company is mutually committed to delivering services to different clients of varying business backgrounds, motifs and interests.

Our expertise builds on both theoretical knowledge and the real-world experience. To each client we serve, we bring our wealth of expertise gained from both direct experience in development industry and consulting assignments. 

We counsel our clients on business issues leveraging our institutional expertise and analytical skills, and also help them make informed decisions about the actions they need to take and solve their business problems. In doing this, we offer a diversity of professional skills in generating knowledge, insights, lessons and guidance to our clients to move forward with confidence. Moreover, we help them meet their challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities unfolding in course of our engagements.

We provide a comprehensive range of services using our professional expertise and a proven track record in a broad range of areas. Our consultants also deliver services by using their deep knowledge, skills and experiences to produce practical and high-impact results.

We serve our clients using our own institutional capacity. We also forge collaboration if needed to co-create powerful solutions and generate commitment to the change in the process. Thus, our services bring clear benefits to the organizations we work with in both the short and long terms. And by maximizing the use of our multiple resources, we drive excellence in all we do to ensure we are collaborative, authentic, and forward-looking.

We have award winning experiences in ICT Tools Development, Software Development for GO, NGOs and Enterprises nationally and internationally. We are especially skilled on usages of innovative ICT based program/project implementation in Bangladesh. We have ready-made solutions for Enterprise Management Software ( ERP ), Web Themes for Website Development, Health Information System, Management Information System etc.